Thursday, June 25, 2009

A wonderful mess??

Okay, this project to tile the bathroom, living room and kitchen has turned into a total renovation. Just last year we had to re-do the kitchen. If you ever want to test your marriage, renovate your house. I mean this in a good way. If you can still look lovingly into your spouse's eyes after watching him shower with the backyard water hose or share a smile while brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink, your marriage is good to go.
I have been missing my blog so much. I have like 52 Farm Town gifts to open on Facebook. And I am still adjusting to not working daily. Aaaack. Did I mention my house was a mess?
It is weird to think this all started with Ben saying, "Hey I have some extra money, why don't you go pick out some new bathroom paint?" The shopping cart was soon filled with new bathroom fixtures and wall paper instead of paint. Eventually, this lead to looking at new ceramic tile. Then a sink and vanity. Oh, but the living room...then the kitchen floor...(our like 3rd kitchen floor...this time for good!)
And you know what, no regrets baby!:)
So, what else is up?
Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson are here in Oklahoma City filming a movie. I think the last "big" movie filmed here was Twister but I could be wrong.
I have to wonder if Jessica Alba is possibly being a diva because The Daily Oklahoman published this (after her shark poster thing):
While on the topic of movies...
Have you seen it yet??
We did!
Have you seen the commercial for that giant cupcake maker, The Big Top Cupcake?? OMG I so want it...
Harrison loves cupcakes so I think he would love making a giant one.
Mmmm cuppycake love.
Look at this!!!
The hamburgers are brownies/cupcakes and the fries are sugar cookies.
I would seriously eat this daily if I could! I like how Bakerella has templates for free on her blog so you can make your own. :)
Are you hungry yet??
I know I have not created anything myself in forever. Totally dried up motivation-wise. We need some craftspiration!!!!
(All pics found on Flickr)
Felt birds! Too cute!
This is a dream craft space.
I have tons of flowers so I love this idea!
My hair is really long so this summer I have been into the elastic hair bands. I like this craft--adding a felt flower.
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:) Thanks!
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