Friday, June 5, 2009

Featured Friday!!!--Debbie Chavers!

Before I share this Friday's artist, I wanted to tell you I fixed the Parasol link below. Sorry about that!
This week we have Debbie Chavers joining us!!! She is an artist and a writer. She was also interviewed for tv yesterday!!! I found out this information (and quoted some) from Moms United in Business.
Debbie was on The Christian Television Network, CTN,the program is Bridges, hosted by Monica Schmelter. The show on June 4, 2009. This is the page link to see the advertisement of that days segment-
She was also given the opportunity to show some of her work and introduce her Christian art line,
Art Parables, Visions of His Word ™.
All artwork featured below is on her blog:
Daily Delight Paintings
Here's Debbie!


1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Debbie Turner Chavers. I am an artist and writer. I have been writing and painting for many years now, but only within the last 6 months have I been able to share it with a much larger audience. My last child moved out and after spending the majority of my adult life as a parent. I now have periods of time where I have the opportunity to paint and write.

2. What inspires you?

I am inspired by God's unfailing love toward me and the people that He created.
God has made so many wondrous things and people. I enjoy encouraging others.
I love to spend time out of doors,walking, gardening, hunting with a camera lens
to capture the moment.
God's word inspires me to paint and to write. I always seek quiet and beauty in
some form on a regular basis. This helps my creative nature and helps me keep
balanced by shutting out the unnecessary things that clutter our lives.


3. What advice would you give to a beginner?

The advice that I give to everyone, including myself, is to schedule time to create. On my blog I posted an encouragement to set aside even 10 minutes a day to get started. The blog entry is called Practice Equals Growth.

4. What is your favorite medium or tool to work with?

My favorite tool or medium changes depending upon what I am creating.
I love the whole process of design and creating. From painting to gardening, the opportunity to create something is endless. This can take many types of tools. So my favorite is one that helps me render what I see.


5. How do you find time to create?

I make the time on a regular basis. When you have a strong desire to share with others, your vision expands and you carve out bits of time to birth that desire into something concrete that you can share. Be it words or art. I have a plan everyday to accomplish. Some days it is only for a while and other days I have the joy of a full day in the studio or a large chunk of time for writing and researching.

6. Where do you spend most of your time creating?

When I first started drawing it was at a table in my kitchen. I would work very early before my children woke up to start school. Sometimes I would draw or paint during their recess time. Now my children are grown and I have a large room that is my studio. On a regular basis I paint in many different places to keep a fresh perspective. Different lighting, etc... Sometimes you paint your surroundings and sometimes your surroundings paint you! This is one of the reasons I seek quiet time and time outside.

7. What got you started?
What got me started drawing and painting was inspired by my prayer during a time of personal bible study on an early morning many years ago. A desire to share the word of God with others.


How would you describe your style?


9. What do you enjoy most about creating?

The thing I like best about creating is that it causes me to sing. When I am painting, I experience a level of joy that causes me to sing. I become so absorbed in the process that normal aggravations of adult life slip away. There is a song that says---Let us forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and worship Him. This is how I would describe the joy. It creates a spirit of praise within me. And everything in me at the time wants to convey that joy and vision that I see.


10.List your sites or sites where we can see more of your work! :)

I have 3 web sites.

Thank you Debbie!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! Sunday night I am posting a kid craft!

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