Thursday, May 28, 2009

The versatility of acrylic paint

Hi! I'm Ben, Tina's husband. First post here.
There are a variety of paint media to choose from when creating a work of art. Each type of paint has its pros and cons, but when in doubt choose acrylic. Acrylic has the ability over all other types of paints to be deceptive in its appearance. If used properly acrylic can be made to look like almost any other type of paint. Add water and it becomes a watercolor paint. Use it in thick layers and it can give the illusion of a textured oil surface, minus the extreme dry time. Acrylic has more pros than cons. If stored properly in an air-tight container the paint can stay for long periods of time. Add a little water if it starts to dry and it is as good as new. Also acrylic works well with other media. I have used it with crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels and even India ink and acrylic can handle all of these media quite well. Acrylic also has a short dry time allowing for quick rework of a project. It is important that the right type of acrylic is used. The Wal-mart craft brand will just not do. It is too runny and requires multiple layers just to build the surface. Also the colors tend to lack any real vibrancy. You do not have to go out and spend a fortune on acrylic paint to get good quality. Rule of thumb, if the paint has the consistency of toothpaste then it will work. Pick out colors that look bright, like a cadmium yellow or red. Buy the three primary colors plus black and white and then you can make any color.
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