Friday, May 1, 2009

Featured Friday!!!!~Blondie!!


This week's Featured Friday artist is Blondie! :) She has an amazing site called Vintage Primitives and she belongs to the Humble Arts. Love her stuff and you will,too!!!


1. Blondie,please tell us a little about yourself.

I am very happily married to a man I call Luscious. Three grown children, all my grandchildren are dogs. My favorite color is yellow,

I have far too many favorite songs to even choose one. I like an

Eclectic blend of music – mostly like songs that are happy sounds.

I can watch certain movies over and over again, the best one for me is To Kill A Mockingbird. I make sure to read the book every year or so.

2. What inspires you?

For crafting inspiration I have to say that blogs and magazines have the ability to inspire me. I can also get discouraged when I see how prolific some women are!! I am lucky to get a few hours a week to unwind and relax with creating.


3. What advice would you give to a beginner?

Never stop experimenting and trying new ideas. Think outside the box and do something different. Don’t allow anyone to steal your muse. If you enjoy what you create while you are creating, your items will be a reflection of your joy.


Mistress Mary--so dainty!!!

4. What is your favorite medium or tool to work with?

Fabric and sewing machine, closely followed by sculpting with Paper Clay and gourds.


Look at these rockin' pincushion eggs! Blondie is so talented!!

5. What is your favorite photo you have ever taken?

I am a lousy photgrapher. I don't have any to show - sorry T!!!!!

Witchy Woman--love her hat!

6. Do you ever set goals?

You know, I have always been goal oriented. This past year has changed all my goals on a personal level. Being a caregiver for my folks has made a huge impact on my life. So, for goals, at this time I think I would say that if someone sees something I have created and it makes them feel good and smile ~that they have identified with it on some level, then that is my goal and I will be a success.

7. What is your creative process like?

I dive in feet first. Occasionally, I get an overload of ideas and then I try to sketch out the ideas so I don’t forget them.

8. How would you describe your style?

Primarily whimsical and old fashioned folk art. I am not truly primitive and not truly vintage or cottage or shabby – I like a little bit of them all and it reflects in my style.


Henrietta. She's a cutie!!!

9. What do you enjoy most about creating? What got you started?

I thoroughly enjoy creating faces with paper clay over gourds. I grow my own gourds, and realized that I didn’t need that many bird houses on my property. I looked at them one day and began seeing faces. When I am completed with each character, it is interesting to see a cariacature of a precious family member or friend. I learned to crochet and quilt with my grannies. It was part of my day, learning to be still and yet productive. I was told that quiet time sewing and mending was a woman’s special time. Hahaha, guess that kind of dates me! Still, I would rather sit with a needle or hook than stand and iron any day!!!!!!!

10. List your sites or sites we can see your gallery on.

My work is primarily seen on The Humble Arts although I occasionally offer something on my blog. I am not good at marketing myself but certainly enjoy showing off my dear friend’s handiwork on The Humble Arts. These gals are just amazing with their gifted hands.

My page on The Humble Arts

I have a prayer journal site:

Thank you Blondie!!!!
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