Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Color your world

ETA: No Featured Friday today. I am going to start doing it every other week so it gives more time for me and the wonderful artists to organize. :) Giveaway coming Monday!!!!!
Color on my mind.
I made this painting. (ignore the watermarks) I just wanted to make it really colorful!
A scrapbook page of Harrison--my little dreamer.
And a card. Whoooo's cool? YOU!
Oh, and look at this cute stock photo (not mine)...

How cool are these aluminum Mountain Dew bottles?? I want to collect them all (but won't!)
Since it's April Fool's Day how about a cartoon?
This is kinda funny but so true. I remember drinking lots of Kool Aid and Tang as a kiddo! Spam I could do without though...
Happy Hump Day!!! Happy April's Fools Day!!!


*fauve* said...

WOW me likey :D

Adorable layout,so fun.

Pearl said...

wow ! loving the new blog header & blog makeover ! lol

& such cute cute little man pics of Harrison below in his party suit !

fab layout too !

Lots of eye candy here this week , Tina !

Hope your week is going well !

P/s : I no longer shop online these days but I'm sure you can find those Prima D'vines online somewhere !

Marie Reed said...

I love the blog look too!!!! Beautiful! I am about to google those Mountain Dew bottles yoo;)

Janeen said...

I've been on blog hiatus this week and visiting my friends today! Happy Saturday!

Mandee said...

love the watercolor, and what a cute card, way fun. Plus I love the date to the right, fab idea.. you get me every time.

p.s. thanks for the comment on my card, I was thinking of doing an etsy account but wasn't sure. Thanks for suggesting it, now i feel a little more confident:)