Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Up, Up and Away!!!!

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I feel like this right now.
March is a super month for me!!
-Two awesome people have birthdays this month: My cousin Alex (hi!) and my dear, sweet husband Ben. :) We are gonna party like its 1999. Okay, not really but I love celebrating birthdays. Mainly because I am a cake addict.
-Spring Break is *almost* here!!!! Which means more time with dh, the teacher.
-AND I am also happy because
I am in the March Page Maps!!!! Happy dance time!
Third picture down. :)

And I am in the March/April issue of Scrap 'N Art ezine!!!
It is on page 106...towards the back. :)
These are my first pubs so its a big deal to me. And no, I won't "toot" because when people use that word it makes me think of gas or something, so I will "woot."
Let's talk some more about cake!
I found this amazing site over the weekend that has been sucking up all my blog time. Seriously I have been laughing out loud so much my stomach is sore!
Here is something not so funny...magazines going bye bye. I was so sad over Domino, Simple Scrapbooks and now maybe Creating Keepsakes. I know more people turn to the web for inspiration but I still like the happy feeling I get when I open the mail box and its a magazine (not a bill!). I just subbed to Real Simple so I hope they stay afloat. I kinda knew CK was heading in this direction anyway due to all the 2Peas surfing I do.
Flickr has been one of my favorite sites lately to find stuff that I just adore.
These are my favorite Flickr finds this week:
Yaelfran's Flickr
Collage Images Group
Baby C's Flickr
Here are some more neat (to me!) links I have found lately:
~Scrapbooking/Craft Related~

Sophia Davis

Vera Lim Design

Roots and Wings Co.

Scrappin' Madge

The Scribble Project

~Parenting/Mommy Stuff~

A Lego A Day (found through Twitter)

The Little Experience

This site fits into both categories.
It is called "Style My Child." They customize your photos! I love the angel one. :)

I guess I did toot. :) Excuse me...lol.
P.P.S. I updated all my links on my left sidebar so if you want to do some more blog surfing there are some awesome places!!!!

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