Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Up, Up and Away!!!!

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I feel like this right now.
March is a super month for me!!
-Two awesome people have birthdays this month: My cousin Alex (hi!) and my dear, sweet husband Ben. :) We are gonna party like its 1999. Okay, not really but I love celebrating birthdays. Mainly because I am a cake addict.
-Spring Break is *almost* here!!!! Which means more time with dh, the teacher.
-AND I am also happy because
I am in the March Page Maps!!!! Happy dance time!
Third picture down. :)

And I am in the March/April issue of Scrap 'N Art ezine!!!
It is on page 106...towards the back. :)
These are my first pubs so its a big deal to me. And no, I won't "toot" because when people use that word it makes me think of gas or something, so I will "woot."
Let's talk some more about cake!
I found this amazing site over the weekend that has been sucking up all my blog time. Seriously I have been laughing out loud so much my stomach is sore!
Here is something not so funny...magazines going bye bye. I was so sad over Domino, Simple Scrapbooks and now maybe Creating Keepsakes. I know more people turn to the web for inspiration but I still like the happy feeling I get when I open the mail box and its a magazine (not a bill!). I just subbed to Real Simple so I hope they stay afloat. I kinda knew CK was heading in this direction anyway due to all the 2Peas surfing I do.
Flickr has been one of my favorite sites lately to find stuff that I just adore.
These are my favorite Flickr finds this week:
Yaelfran's Flickr
Collage Images Group
Baby C's Flickr
Here are some more neat (to me!) links I have found lately:
~Scrapbooking/Craft Related~

Sophia Davis

Vera Lim Design

Roots and Wings Co.

Scrappin' Madge

The Scribble Project

~Parenting/Mommy Stuff~

A Lego A Day (found through Twitter)

The Little Experience

This site fits into both categories.
It is called "Style My Child." They customize your photos! I love the angel one. :)

I guess I did toot. :) Excuse me...lol.
P.P.S. I updated all my links on my left sidebar so if you want to do some more blog surfing there are some awesome places!!!!



Marie Reed said...

Neat! Your on Twitter too? I soooo want to follow you now:)

One Creative Queen said...

WOOOOOOT!!! I'm absolutely THRILLED for you!! I'm going to hunt the mags down so I can see your work in person - and no, I wouldn't toot, either. (You're right - gas all the way, baby!) But I am sending you the biggest, warmest WOOT in the universe. That is SO awesome!

I agree, sad about CK - I didn't know that. :( I, too, love getting my magazines in the mail.

Thanks for the links - like I didn't have ENOUGH to do today. lol

Big CONGRATS to you darlin' - you deserve it!


twinklescrapbooks said...

Thank you girls! You are so sweet. :)
Yep, my name on twitter is twinklescraps. I guess I did not think it through because sometimes it looks like twinkles-craps but you can't change a twitter name. :)

a print a day said...

i don't comment much, but i swear i love your blog.

Patty said...

Mmmm. I love cake too. I especially love cupcakes. I love your finds.

Janeen said...

Holy Smokin' Rockets! Look at you girlfriend, that is quite a post there! Congratulations! That is just wonderful. Enjoy the bliss and the woot. ha ha (That was funny)

And I'll take a slice of cake if there's left-overs! :) Have a great day!

fraizerbaz said...


twinklescrapbooks said...

Thank you all for your sweet words. I am blushing!!!! :)

Katie said...

I'd love for you to check out my kids art blog sometime ;)