Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green is in my future!

So I enrolled in a 4 week knitting class! My mom is taking it with me! I am so super excited. I feel like ever since I have become a mom I never really have quality time with my mom, ya know?
Reading this book to help me get fired up about knitting.
Crafternoon by Maura Madden
I know--I don't really need to pick up another hobby!
Some random finds~
Roots and Wings Co. blog has really motivated to get busy with my St.Patrick's Day celebration activities!
They have a printable here.
You and your child can fill out why you are lucky. This is what Harrison and I wrote:
and of course, I had to print an extra one so he could color it. :)
And they share leprechaun trap ideas here.
Speaking of leprechaun traps let me share our leprechaun tradition with you,too, so that if you want to do this you have time to set it all up. :)
Well, on the day before St. Patrick's we woke up to tiny baking soda foot prints with green glitter around the living room. Toys were rearranged. We also found a wee hat and shoes. We knew we had a problem--a tricky leprechaun in the house!
I got the tiny boots in the infant section of WalMart for $3 on clearance. The tiny hat you can find just about anywhere in St.Patrick's area of any store. They run $1-2 a pack. Walgreens always has the chocolate coins in the candy section if you cannot find them elsewhere.
So we made a leprechaun trap.
Our trap was a little plain. We put some green paper on it with an entrance for Mr. Leprechaun. And I let Harrison decorate the shoebox with other torn bits of green paper. We had a slingshot (totally optional) to hold up the shoebox half. We also left the leprechaun's hat/shoes for his retrieval along with a little note.
(Harrison decorating the box).
The next day the box was down, accessories/note retrieved and he left us chocolate coins!!!
You can make this as elaborate or as simple as you want. I just had a lot of props already for it because I always did this every year with my Kindergarten kiddos. And yep, we are going to do it this year,too. If you do this please share a link because I would love to see it. :)
I was on the Kitschy Digitals blog and saw this cute and easy to make scarf (its made out of small fleece blanket!).
I'm going to try and make one for H. (We have 60% chance of snow tomorrow!!!)
This article on a new product that lets know if you left baby in the car.(Enlarge pic if needed).
I found this interesting article on celebrity plastic surgery (if you ever wonder who has had work done).

ETA:Tomorrow Monday! this spot will have new layouts, cards and a new canvas I made along with a tutorial! Get your scissors ready!!!!! Tomorrow is Featured Friday!!!!


Kylie w Warszawie said...

That is so cute! Love that trap!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The funny thing is that Stewie WILL watch Super Why, he just has to be on my lap and watching through he fingers.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Yay! Thanks for using our idea and sharing it. So fun to see people using our ideas.

therisingpage said...

Knitting!!! YAY!!
My first time here and i like...Tried it out but have failed to find the time to

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Hey Tina I told everyone about the friday interview but I don't see it just wondering if I got my dates wrong?

twinklescrapbooks said...

Flora, I just posted it (above).

I usually post earlier so I am sorry it was later than I planned. Thanks for doing the interview!!! Your work is lovely!!!
tina :)

Pearl said...

Oh my ! knitting ! that is very patient of you to want to knit ! lol ! can't wait to see your creations with knitting !