Friday, March 13, 2009

Featured Friday!!!!-Flora!

This week our featured artist is Flora! She does amazing sketching and dollmaking. I love, love her creations!!!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Flora Thompson, I'm a 50 something, native born Texan, happily married mom of 4 great people and a very late bloomer to my creative urges. Art has always been my first love, actually I think I was born with a pencil and sketchpad...I'm a self taught artist and relatively new to dollmaking, almost 3 yrs. this yr, since I discovered people actually got paid to do this. I've also learned a little bit from everyone that I have come in contact with, I do try to give back some when I create, by showing how I do it on my blog and answering questions. I hope to sell some of my sketches then try my hand at painting, pretty soon too.

My favorite color of the moment would have to be Chartreuse, it changes.

My favorite song or one of my favorites is by Tim McGraw "When The Stars Go Blue" Although it is a bit melancholy, it is a very touching song.

My favorite movie is "It's A Wonderful Life" I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Photobucket Sugar Plum Fairy

2.What inspires you? (Magazines, blogs, movies, books,etc).

My inspiration comes from all of the above, everything really! We have marble tile in my bathroom and I can see "images" in all the twisting lines and curves...I know, sounds looney...? I don't always wear my glasses so that kinda blurs what I see and I wind up seeing something that is totally different from what really is there, but that's ok...isn't it?



3.What advice would you give to a beginner?

Practice, practice, practice, then practice some more and don't be afraid to ask questions or for help, someone's bound to know the answer and willing to help, I know they did for me, you'll always learn something.

PhotobucketLove this one! Huckleberry Folk

4.What is your favorite medium or tool to work with?

I love air-dry clay and fabric and the combination of the two!!!! But really any medium that I can get my hands on, to create with, will work! Oh and my sewing machine, I don't know where I'd be without it either!!!

Photobucket Her awesome studio!

5.What is your favorite photo you have ever taken?

I almost forgot, I took a quick picture of my husband on a sailboat, when we were in upstate New York visiting for the summer. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was just barely starting to set. The water was being kissed by the burnished sun, in the background, as my husband ( boyfriend at the time ) looked upward to the fluttering sail, his redhair blowing in the wind...It captured a carefree time.

6.Do you have goals?

I guess the goals I have now are just to be good at whatever I try my hand at, artistically speaking, as well as improving the quality of my work and maybe being more prolific.

7.What is your process like? (Do you start with sketches or just dive in?)

Oh yes, I nearly always start with a sketch but there are times when I just dive right in, if I don't feel the project "flowing" then I go back and sketch what I want it to look like, this I'll do a couple of times till it looks right to me. Sometimes no matter what I do it just won't "gel", so I'll leave it alone and then I'll get back to the project at a later date/time, that's what happened to "Mister Mooney", he waited almost 6 months.


Merry Halloween

8.How would you describe your style?

AHHH...I think I have referred to it as "whimsical artdolls with a bit of an edge", I like a little creepiness in them, not too much, but sometimes I come close to going over the edge...ok , I've gone over a few times...


Creepy Santa

9.What do you enjoy most about creating? What got you started?

When the " flowing" starts and I lose track of time because I'm so caught up in how well the project is moving along that I just don't want to stop till it's done.That's the time I like. I don't think there is "one" thing that got me started, I come from a pair of very talented individuals in their own right, so that is who I can credit my artistic flair to. But if you are referring to doll making and selling, I would say then that I was accepted into a selling site called "The Humble Arts" by a lovely lady called Blondie, the site's owner, she was a wonderfully sweet and talented lady who was always encouraging me, that's when I really started. Although I did sell some doll clothes and dolls on ebay for a while, a very short while.

Punkin Pete

10.List your sites or sites we can see your gallery on.

You can see my art on either link, but I sell my dolls on the second link. It is was started by the one and only Dani Nelson, of "Ambitions Design" a tireless, talented younglady with a vision.The last link is run by another fabulous artist ,D.A. Sweigart of Grim Prim it's a showcase for Halloween art and artist. Please come visit with me, I love company!!!

Thank you Flora!!!!

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