Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry!!! :(

Sorry I have been a slacker on blogging!!! I have just recently started a part time job as a nanny and balancing it all is kicking my bottom LOL...we are adjusting and I love my job. :) So I will write a much longer, better post tonight after Harrison goes to bed. Thank you to anyone who is still reading my random thoughts...


MoMo sprnany said...

My name is Monica I just sent you an e-mail after I read a comment you left on my blog then I read further and saw you left another typical me always reacting first and getting info later lol...anyway Yes it is a kodak 3 in 1 I have had 2 now they had to replace it. Feel free to e-mail me your hilarious...I'd love to chat!

Pearl said...

That's great , Tina !

Thinking of you & yours & hope things are ok with you ! I know these aren't the best of times for everyone all over the world . But things are as hopeless as it looks .

twinklescrapbooks said...

Hi Monica!!! It's all good! LOL I am the same way!

Hi Pearl!! You are the sweetest!