Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ten tips for clearing up a room/mess

Here are my top ten tips!

1. Set aside 30 minutes a day ...(More if you feel energetic!)
get up early or stay up late if you have to but set aside time.
nothing can get done if you don't make time. More time is even better
but you can do a TON in 30 minutes if you set your mind to it...and
set a timer! ...race the timer. I love to see how much I can get done
before th bell rings. And you know it is usually twice as much as I

2. Use the daily reminders here form our loop. Not sure where to
start with that 30 minutes? FOCUS. Each day we help you 'focus' your
attention. And maybe some of the challenges per day won't apply to you
that day...but work on the ones that DO!

3. Label everything --or use clear, open top or drawer containers. The
secret to keeping a room clean in an ongoing way is putting things
away. Research shows that it is sometimes the delay of only two
seconds is all it takes to talk yourself out of putting something
away. If you can see at a glance where something goes, you are much
more likely to put it away.

4. Clear the floor.
Most of the time a messy room looks messy because of two things. The
bed (if it is a bedroom) is not made and the floor is a mess. If you
tackle the floor you have more than half the battle done!

5. Sort by theme. If it has a theme, then sort it ALL togehter within
a theme. For example all birthday party stuff goes together whether it
is birthday chipboard, stickers, birthday photo mat frames, premade
sayings, birthday titles, b-day epoxy accents or whatever. Keep it

6. After the themes are put away in catagories, sort by color. If it
is a genenric supply like abc stickers, brads, ribbon, eyelets, and so
on --sort by item type and then color. This will save you time looking
for a 'green set' of generic page accents time later. For example, all
my brads are together but then they are sorted by color. Some people
even go so far as to keep all their green stuff together regardless of
its function. Why? Because they scrap by color and never by theme. It
is all up to you how you scrap. I find the older my kids get, the more
I scrap by color. Less themey less cutesy. (just a thought)

7. Top 5 Tools.... What 5 standard tools do you use on EVERY page? put
those on the desk in reach. Everything else can go further away. For
me the top 5 are a 12 inch Fiskar paper trimmer, my fave adhesive Easy
Stick by Manco Duck Brand, a small straight Fiskar scissors, my brads
box and my black Zig writing pen. Everything else is gravy. :) So
those 5 will always be handy on my desk. The rest can go a little
further away. Figure out your top 5 and adjust the desktop accordingly.

8. Don't bite off too much. Small do-able goals. Whether that is in
organizing the mess or in making pages, make it managable. You are a
busy person. Admit it. Work with that. Plan do-able goals and then GET

9. Get busy....Planning what to do is NOT the same as doing it. So
make a goal. Make it managable. And then get off your duff and get
busy. No excuses. I get asked all the time how do I get so much done?
I just DO it. LOL Not just talk about it...make time and DO IT.

10. Play some energetic music. Enjoy the busy beat and let it inspire
you and motivate you. That always gets me fired up to keep moving and
have fun while clearing up!

Source: Yahoo Scrapbook group I belong to. :) Author: Rockester

I love Rockester's list and just had to share!
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