Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Playing with photos today :)
It is snowing and icy outside here in Oklahoma. School was out today and is also closed tomorrow. It is nice to have Ben home. :)
I have a dr. appointment early early in the morning (ugh-more labwork) and I hope they are open (I will call before leaving). I also have to work tomorrow night so I hope the streets are clear by then.
I took tons of snow pics today and will post them soon. We plan to go sledding tomorrow after my appt.
More photo luv:
^^Tina in the looking glass. I like this pic of me. :) And that is rare!
I LOVE this one of H sleeping. I used a layer based on a photo I saw in flickr from Rachel Denbow.
This one:
Photobucket (her pic)
Oh, and I absolutely related to her flickr post of this photo:
It just struck me so deep! The photo is "Migrant Mother" by Dorothea Lange, 1936. A print of that photograph is going to be hanging in my living room soon...
This one I love the vintage feel of it! H is outside stomping in mud. Boys!
This is my all-time favorite....
Harrison wearing his snow boots.
I'm going to make a print for grandma. :)
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