Monday, November 17, 2008

Yep, it's Monday!

I saw this plummaged headband in the Urban Outfitters catalog. This weekend I went and bought the supplies to make myself 3 different feathered headbands. Can't wait to start that project.
Mmmm...I just had brown sugar oatmeal for breakfast.
I made this card for Ben.
I have been finding Christmas crafting inspiration here.
My favorite idea is the Snowman Soup. H and I make reindeer food every year, and hey, Santa visits so it must work!
I can't stop making these paper globes! I am going to make a couple to fill a clear glass apothecary jar.
You can learn how to make these paper globes here or here
You can see Michael's Thanksgiving Ad here.
I just started working on an altered tile for the ScrapCity Game Show crop. Join us here. It is from the 17th-24th!
I'm going to crackle it and then sand it...then who knows?
Have a super day! We are outta here-H and I are going to spend the morning with my mom.
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