Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Make it work.

I love this Thanksgiving pic!
I am so happy today my blog/sticky recipe was featured on
The Daily Dish. Yeah, it isn't edible, but they are hosting a Make It From Scratch Carnival so it could be sewing, crafting, anything.
It is all about "making it work", as Tim Gunn would say.

(image from Heidi Swapp blog)
Speaking of making it work, Heidi Swapp has this awesome downloadable sign and list on her blog. The phrase, "Fix it up,wear it out, make do,do without" is from World War II.
I am also going to make her gratitude journal.



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Mandee Gillen said...

Hey Hey, lady congrats on the win:) and you are a sweet heart to make her a gratitude journal make sure we see it before you mail it off k :) have a great day!!