Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas on my mind

I went to the antique store and to Garden Ridge with my mom today. I am looking for Christmas project inspiration. I wanted to buy everything in the antique store. I am so tempted to go back. I saw a tutu (yeah, I only have a boy) but it was so cute! Anyway, it was a wonderful shopping experience because I saw something crystal-y which sparked some of those creative juices. My mom bought a rocking chair and antique mirror. The mirror was so heavy! She plans on painting the mirror a patina-green color.
Update on my Aunt Mary: She is still at the hospital but they have upgraded her condition. She is now able to eat jello. She has cirrosis (sp?) of the liver, a bad polyp on her colon, a UTI and an intestinal infection. I cannot visit her because her immune system is low and since we (as usual) were sick lately there is no way I want to compromise that. We were able to talk to her on the phone. Thank you for your good thoughts.
Look at this cute Dear Santa letter. I think I am going to print it out and have Harrison try to draw what he wants for Christmas. He can write the letters S,H, I and Z but that's about it.
I found a site I really need! Its called Organized Christmas. Do you have any neat Christmas links? What do you do to stay sane??
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