Friday, November 14, 2008

How to adhere clear stuff

Given to me by a friend via email:
16 Ways to adhere a transparency
1. Hide the adhesive with PP or CS on top, just a strip will work and won't cover the transpareny.

2. Use spray adhesive.
3. Sticker wrap, use a long sticker; put it across your transparency; have the edges of the sticker go around the back of you CS or PP.
4. Stickers of the edges of the transparency.
5. Paper doll tabs. When you cut the transparency leave little tabs on the edges, you can fold the tabs over and adhere to PP or CS. Great way to make a little pocket out of a transparency.
6. Use photo corners.
7. Clip it with a paper clip or fun shaped clip. And tie a ribbon or fiber to the clip for an added touch.
8. Use eyetets.
9. Sew it on.
10. Staples or a Fastenator.
11. Weave ribbon through one edge.
12. Tie it on. Put a hole in one edge of the transparency & paper, thread a ribbon through and tie a not.
13. Use brads.
14. Flaunt it; the adhesive that is, use photo square and let the white been seen behind the words.
15. Crystal lacquer; again you can see it, but it can be used to enhance parts of the transparency.
16. Wire or jump rings along one edge.
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