Friday, November 21, 2008

Gettin' Siggy With It

I spent way too much time tonight reading this blog.
Which totally gave me the idea for this post. :)
1. signature outfit
*cardigans with stripes for winter, capris that can roll up into shorts for summer, and comfy shoes
2. signature jokes(inside)

*Wha happen??-Harrison loves it when I say that
*poopoo fire-don't ask...3 year old boy humor
*doing the robot--our dog's dance move
3. signature quirks
* my nervous laugh, my disorganized desk, my inability to carry a tune

4. signature scent
*i am so old lady. i like white diamonds or anything from bath and bodyworks!
5. signature style

* i had style before i became a stay at home mom. now I mainly wear pjs. :)
6. signature kiss(interpret as you will)

*pouty lips ?
7. signature store

*has to be Target! I also like Old Navy and Hobby Lobby.
8. signature
love language (they are, 1. physical touch, 2. gifts, 3. words of affirmation, 4. quality time 5. acts of service...just guess which one you would need the most. )
*saying i love you to family daily
*i feel love when Ben and I hold hands in the car
*i feel love when Harrison calls me sweetpea
*i feel love when they call me princess tina

* i feel love when my son says "hol(d) me momma."
9. your real signature:
10. signature laugh

*i laugh after every sentence when i am nervous!
11. signature photo pose

*eyes closed LOL
12. signature doodle

I would love to see your signatures posts. :)
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