Friday, November 14, 2008

Etsy Love

I feel like shopping but I am on a budget. So let's do some Etsy window shopping.
I love this flower barette in Annabronwyn's Etsy shop.
OMG look at these cute waterproof stickers! Found in Zeng's shop.
I love the color and look of this brooch. Calexandra's shop
Look at this adorable dress. It is reversible. I like the stockings,too! Wish it was in adult size LOL. threeyellowstarfish shop
I am so, so happy it is Friday!!!
I have a siggy thing on my blog now thanks to seeing it on my friends Wendy and Madge's blogs.
This week I have been eating kettlecorn (my favorite snack) and drinking lots of Crystal Light. In three days I go back to the dentist. Ugh. His name is Bun by the way. Cool guy. I just fear the dentist.
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