Friday, October 31, 2008

Skeletons rock!

I made this skeleton ballerina today. I hand-sewed her tutu. :) I totally lifted this idea from Elsie Flannigan. She did it in 2006. I bought my skeleton after seeing it on her blog in 2006...took me two years to get to! I wish you could see my project to-do list LOL.
Oh, and this little monster (Keely) wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!
Yep,that is a day glo necklace. He has spirit!

And here is Kipper from last Halloween...


Pearl said...

what a cute skeleton ! love the tulle skirt of course !!! lol ! it's good you still have the idea after years ! lol

Lisa said...

I love the skeleton (better late than, and the doggies are adorable!

Janice N said...

That skeleton looks great.

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Mandee Gillen said...

Such a cute idea, don't worry I have so many to do lists it is funny, at least you are gettig to yours:) what talent, looks great