Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Memories!

I have found a wonderful company to make scrapbooking books on your computer. They allow you to create a professionally bound photo album. This would make an awesome gift! I am in the process of making one with all our Halloween memories. :)

The designs are pre-made. You choose which pictures you want to add and where, and you can also add text to make it meaningful. You just drag your photos on the pre-made scrapbook pages and voila! A custom made scrapbook completed in 15 minutes!

The web address is: Inkubook (

And they have an awesome offer going on right now! Here are the details:

Here is an offer to get a free book:

-Log onto and create a free account by October 31, 2008 to start your book.

-Using the "Invite Friends" feature, invite someone to join Inkubook and submit a few photos to include in your book. We'll send your friend a promotion code to use for a free book.

- Finish your book and order it within 30 days of joining Inkubook, using the promotion code PMPKN31.

-For more information about Inkubook, or to start creating your free photo book log on to

They have so many more designs for all holidays and celebrations,too. I highly encourage you to check it out!
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