Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Costumes, pumpkins and candy--oh my!

URgh. I am so feelin' the holiday crunch! We went to check out the Halloween stuff at the zoo and then tonight (writing this Sunday night) we went trick or treating at Storybook Forest (a forest with Mother Goose characters). I was so proud of my l'il spiderman for saying "Thank you" and being very patient.
I'll share pics of those adventures soon.
I have decided to stop my photo of the day stuff. I made it 10 months! My goal was a year but oh well. I had to take something off my plate!
This is my cousin's house. Isn't it pretty? Harrison went there to play with little Alexia.
We also stopped at the bakery to stock up on Halloween treats. You know because it is trick or treat and I always choose treat!
My Halloween nails, or as fellow scrapper/friend Jessica B. would call them "hooker nails." LOL
I went to go wash some clothes and had a scare. I guess my pet Kitson chose trick over treat!
Um, he climbed in when my back was turned and I had an armful of clothes to throw in!
I saw this funny license plate the other day:
Brave person, huh?
I hope this week is filled with more treats than tricks for you!
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