Thursday, October 9, 2008


I watched Kath and Kim and was a little disappointed. Hopefully the series will get better. I also watched The Office and was sooooo mad at myself because apparently the *one* episode I ever missed--last week's--Jim and Pam got engaged. Grrrr... I wonder if NBC has clips on their site or something so I can see it.
I haven't done much scrapping this week but I did make a paper crow. He fell behind the big screen so after Ben fishes him out then I will take a pic of it.
I've been really stressing about the economy, my friend's and their stress from the economy, and the election,and fairness. Ben reminds me some things are out of my control BUT its soooo hard. We had someone come up to us at WalMart and say they were hungry and could we buy them a hamburger (we did). Do you know how depressed that made me??? My heart prays for these people.
I'm going to try and unwind this weekend.
We are going to the pumpkin patch tonight with family. I made Ben promise me to make me have fun!
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