Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot mess???

(love that guy)
Oh my! Blogger is changing things up with my dashboard (settings)...looks good though!

It stormed ALL last night so I was never able to get back online. :(
You may be shocked (for those who know my insomniac ways), but all this week we have been going to bed before 9pm! And I have been waking up between 5-7 and Harrison wakes 7-8am. We might actually have a sleep schedule going on!
Remember a few posts back when I mentioned my advertising job? I will work on advertising for four awesome blogs.

Have you ever been to them? You should check them out!
So if you are interested in advertising your blog/site/business just email me
at and I can email you an info packet.
Have you been watching the Olympics?? Sadly, I have only been keeping up through
CNN and Yahoo's front page. I have been so worried about the situation in Georgia, too.
Ben says he thinks Russia will take over the Ukraine next. Scary because Ukraine has all those stockpiles.
Housecleaning is calling my name. Fun.

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