Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Things That Made My Day Today!
1. Watching this boy enjoy every crumb of chocolate cake!
2. Reading an email from Celine Navarro. Her awesome blog: http://thegreenfrogstudio.typepad.com/
3. A friend letting me join her kit club design team. Sweet.
4. My sunflower seeds. I am an addict today.
5.Watching the DNC. I'm gonna watch the RNC,too. I'm a proud political nerd like that!
6. Keely Dog came back home today!
This one has a backstory. Keely Dog (yes, he has a last name), got a myserious large gash on his side. We have no idea how or where it happened. The other morning when Ben went to pick him up, he cried out, and that is when we spotted this... :(
We called the vet, and he thought it would take a stitch or two from our description. Um, not so much! KD ended up having surgery under anesthesia and spending the night at the vet's clinic!
I picked him up this morning and he is totally living the pampered life. I did not sleep good because our other doggy, Kipper, cried the *entire* night!
7. Post-its. They are keeping me sane this week!!!!
8. Sassfrass Lass...I am loving their characters. Who knew paper could be so cute?!?!
9.Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. (This one just started cooking...)
and 10.
The FlowerTots. My son's new favorite show!

Monday I put my shopping shoes on...pink Sketchers...and went to the fairgrounds to go to a huge consignment sale. This is the big one they hold twice a year. The line was insane!
When they opened the doors, everyone went running out of line anyway. Total chaos. Thankfully, my mom was babysitting Harrison so it was just me getting crushed. I left happy because I bought his entire Fall/Winter wardrobe. Of course, some Thomas the train stuff made its way into my bag,too! I tell you--he is growing so fast I cannot keep up with clothes/shoe sizes. Some days I wonder if he is a mini Paul Bunyan!
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