Thursday, May 22, 2008


We are in for stormy weather these next two days. Boo.
My mom was laughing at me today for taking this pic of the sky...I will take a picture of just about anything!
So what have we been up to?
We spent the morning hanging out with my mom. We went to the thrift store because there is a local one that I just love. You find the best antiques there! I bought yet another shelf (addicted to them) and some vintage embroidery threads in 2 packages, some 60s print fabric and hoops. I am going to make something with it all. Can't wait to share!
H says he wants to "paint like Van Gogh." Unfortunately (for me) he prefers acrylic paint over watercolor or tempera. So picky.
Today he said the oddest thing. We were in the car and Ben and I were talking.
H said, "Mom look there is the American flag!"
Me: "Yes, I see it." (He is really into the American flag and Statue of Liberty).
H: "Let's look for the Mexican flag and the German flag next."
Me: A little shocked, turn to Ben and ask, "Did you teach him that?"
Ben: "No."
Me: "What does the Mexican flag look like H?"
H: "Red, white and green. It has an eagle with sharp beak and talons and its on a sharp cactus."
Now if I could just get his temper tantrums under control! He threw one today because he did not want to share a toy with a playmate.
After all that drama, we went outside to enjoy the little sun we had. We played in the sandbox.
Harrison found these worms and he declared them "sand snakes." He kept asking me to take pictures of them.
Oh, and his poor little green dump truck was half-eaten by Keely, our dog.
I liked this pic so much I used it in my new banner.

I wish H could really mow. :)
I took two more pictures but I love them so much that I am trying to be "good" and save them for Friday and Monday's Photo of the Day! :)

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