Thursday, May 8, 2008


So Wednesday night my town had a tornado!!
I live in Oklahoma so we get a little immune to hearing the sirens. I mean, if you are watching the weather person they pinpoint the streets the circulation is on so as long as it isn't your area, you pretty much ignore the sirens.
Around 5pm I asked Ben if he would go to Walgreens because I had ordered a free 8x10 and I was anxious to see how it turned out. This was before sirens, warnings, etc. All it was doing outside was raining like a nice, Spring rain. So then Harrison runs to the door and says he wants to go with daddy. Walgreens is just up the street from us. I told them I would come along,too since the rain made me feel like a house hostage lately. I also really wanted to take pics of the rain so I brought my camera.
This is the first pic I took. You can tell it is not raining too hard.
So we drive up the street on our little errand.
I take pics like the camera freak I am.
We park and it starts raining blinding know the kind where you cannot see anything in front of you.
I tell Ben, "Let's just go home." But he was like, "No, I'll be in and out real quick. Listen to the radio if you are nervous."
He enters the store. The sirens go off. I search for a radio that is broadcasting the warning. Finally, after what seems like fumbling forever (!) I find one. I hear tornado, town X, street X, on the ground! Um, it is near us!!!
Right as I hear that the town police pull up at the stop light in front of us and stop traffic!!! Yikes!
I did not get a good pic of the police car but you can see everyone has their brake lights on while the light is green.
So I get in the driver's seat, and pull up besides the Walgreen's door. Ben comes running out. We live just down the street, but let me tell you it was so hard to see!!! I was so worried we would get in a car accident on the way home.
The whole time my preschooler is yelling, "McNuggets! I want McNuggets!" Ben is like, "I don't think they are going to serve you right now."
(please ignore my dusty dashboard...but look at the sky...yikes)
So we run in the house and I wrap H in a blanket. We turn the tv on (I have learned the volume has to be on high so you can hear from the bathtub). After awhile, our area gets the all clear as the tornado heads East/NE.
A lot of our town lost power. Our lights flickered on/off during it. My mom was at the elementary school. It was in the path, and she felt the building shake while she took cover with the other employees.
Thankfully, no one is seriously hurt in our town, other than some cuts. But, there are upturned, twisted trees. A car dealership we drove by had a pole fall on new cars. My brother-in-law's area was hit heavily and they were evacuated because of gas lines that had busted. But like I said, thanks to God everyone is okay other than material damage.
Well, we don't have to worry about watering our yard now.
Harrison really wanted to splash in our flower beds!! He settled for coloring with mom and dad instead.
Another storm pic~
I have felt like such a bad blogger this week--every time I try to get online it starts lightning and thundering outside!! And my computer is acting funky so I need to have Ben take a look at it. If I go MIA again, you know why! :)
I still have not bought the grandmas' Mother's Day gifts yet.
I did do a little scrapbooking Tuesday night.
This is the Spring/Summer Stampin' Up catalog. I had ordered chipboard shapes from my friend Amy at SU. I finally opened the package and I was so ready to paint when Harrison called for me in his sleep. He was "having a nightmare about an orange spider and a blue spider." I snuggled with him and ended up falling asleep. Children are the best teddy bears!
I hope tonight is twister-free. I want some nice weather today!!!

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