Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Martha!

I have issues with Martha Stewart. I don't like her but sometimes I am drawn to her site/stuff. I cannot help it. I secretly want to be all-knowing crafty perfectionist...but I am such a chaotic mess I know I will never be and thus, the frustration. Some of it probably stems from the fact that my family gave my mom the nickname "MS" when I was growing up. My mom is a perfectionist. Her house is always clean. She always has something homemade in the fridge. She always makes the cutest crafts and has amazing painting ability. My house is a disaster! My fridge has dressing and kool-aid. And I love scrapbooking but I admit some projects have been a "hawt tranny mess" like the scary Easter bunny one or the time I tried to make a folding paper ornament and tore it to bits. I know I will never be like Martha but I also know I will never stop trying! :)
If you feel like torturing yourself like me, here is a cute Clothespin Pinwheel craft of Martha's that would be awesome if you made it out of patterned paper:

Martha's site states "So pretty they'll make you dizzy.."
PinwheelLink-click here

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Pinkupixie said...

Those pinwheel are pretty. Gonna have to visit Martha to see what else she has. Chuckle, BTW you've been tagged, please visit my blog on rules and what to do :