Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The smell of fresh

I hope my previous post on digital vs. paper did not sound too rant-y and scare blog readers away! I promise I rarely ever get on my soapbox. :)

So on to the happy stuff!!!

I did the happy dance today because I got my new voter card!! I was an independent previously but I picked a new party because next time I would like to vote in the primaries and I have also changed a lot in the 12 years since I first registered. :)

Do you know what made my day?!? We got a rolling chair for the office. I know that sounds so silly but I had a really retro orange vinyl chair from the 50s. It was nice to look at but absolutely hurt the wazoo and this new chair is sooooo comfortable. Harrison thinks it is a new toy. I found him this morning on the floor because he was rolling in circles in it and fell off! Let's see how long this lasts before I have to put a safety gate in the office doorway!

So I have 3 days...3 days until my space is "invaded." Ben teaches and he will home for three months all day, every day! I really look forward to sleeping in while he stays up late with our tiny night owl because he can't say, "Well, I've got to go to work and get up early." I know we have a bajillion things on our to do list for the summer. The main focus is always on working on the house and yard.

I am starting a walking program within the next two weeks. Wish me luck! I just don't exercise at all and stress really gets to me so I hope this helps with my stress levels. I get tired of feeling "wimpy", too. When I was single I could open a pickle jar with no trouble (I had arm muscles!), and now I just sigh and hand the jar to Ben. I was planning on going walking with my mom each morning but her work schedule changed so M,W, F I will bring Ben and H along and they will play on the playground while I walk. Then when I get home I can relieve Ben and he can work out with his weights while I watch H. Well, this is how it works out in my brain anyway, let's see if we can actually follow a schedule!

Gas is so pricey that we may only take another mini vacation within the state again this year. I have lived in this state my whole life and not seen much outside of the metro at all.

Today are the Kentucky and Oregon primaries! I will be watching simply because I always watch the political news.
Happy Tuesday!
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