Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photobucket Users

Posting this for other Photobucket users who may not have checked their account and received the message yet: (this is on their forum, but they also ask you to change your password when you log in).
Security Notice: Please Change Your Password

This week, we identified and immediately resolved an isolated security incident on Photobucket, and as a precaution we are recommending that all users change their Photobucket account password immediately.

To change your password:
1. Login to your account; you will be immediately redirected to a page that will require you to choose a new password.

2. When changing your password, you will notice that our password system has been upgraded to now require six characters – an added protective measure that we enacted as a result of this incident. We also recommend that you choose a password not in use on any other online account, and preferably one that utilizes a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

If you have specific questions about changing your password, please email pbsecurity @

For Photobucket Pro users, this incident in no way jeopardized credit card numbers or any other financial information, and there is currently no evidence that suggests any photos or video from private Photobucket accounts have been accessed.

The security of your account is our top priority at Photobucket, and our goal is always to act quickly and in a manner that enables our security team to protect our users’ information and our users to protect their own information as effectively as possible.

We once again encourage you to take the precautionary step of changing your password as soon as possible.
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