Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life and Death

PhotobucketYesterday was one of those days that made me wish I had stayed under the covers! I could not get "good" sleep. I was up at 4 am again. I was working on some photographs when I heard weird little mewing sounds. It sounded like someone imitating birds. It was coming from under the recliner.
So I gingerly lift it up and discover newborn kittens!!! What?!?
We had taken in a rescue cat and only had her for a week. Her name is Angry, btw, 3 year olds come up with the best names! We had no idea she was pregnant!?!
Angry had two kittens, one white and one orange. The orange one died a few hours later, and I took it so hard. I was sobbing on/off throughout the day. I think it really affected me because a) I'm a mom, and b) I witnessed it pass. At first I was in denial that it happened and I just left the room.
Then I returned an hour later and it really hit me. I called Ben at work. I could hear rowdy kids in the background (he teaches). He said, "Let me call you back in 10 minutes!" So he called me on his break and we talked for the whole hour. I just don't handle stuff like this well.
When Ben came home we dug a hole, buried little orange in a Thomas the train box (smallest one we had), and I put the antique cross my Mother-in-law had given me on the top of the box. We explained the situation to Harrison. We said a prayer and said goodbye.
What a Monday.

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