Monday, May 5, 2008

Is it happy hour yet?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! In honor of CdM I am totally eating salsa and chips with dinner! Yum!
Last year we took Harrison to see a local Mariachi band so I should see if they are playing this weekend. Ah, and this weekend is Mother's Day! So many holidays so close together! Anyway, it is really important for me to feel like Harrison is in touch with his Mexican-Spanish heritage and his Native American. So I would really like to do more for Cinco de Mayo--this year I just was not organized!
One of my favorite couples, Scar Jo and Ryan Reynolds just got engaged! Cool! :)
Read the story HERE.
This morning all I heard was, " momma!" Harrison was in such a mood. He was mad because I wanted to clean his train table. Bad mom, right?!? LOL Grandma came to the rescue. She showed up with Starbursts, Nerd ropes and homemade apple juice.
He settled down. All of this over a train table. Unbelievable. Kids are so random sometimes.
I have just been feeling anxious lately because Ben (my husband, a teacher) has only two weeks and 3 days until school is out. It is always hard for us to make the transition of him being here. Sometimes it feels suffocating because...well...imagine if your spouse was always 2 feet behind you for three months after you have had 9 months of your own routine! Not that I am complaining, because I love the extra help with the house and shopping. Then we have difficulty transitioning when he goes back to work! :)
So Mother's Day is coming upon us. I want a Ped Egg for my feet so they will be ready for summer flip flops! And I want a new mouse--not just any mouse--a really cool one that changes colors and lights up from Best Buy! That's it. I guess I am low-key. I am buying my mom an angel set she really wants (she collects angels) and I made her a scrapbook page. We are buying my mother-in-law a pearl necklace and earring set because she loves jewelry.
What do you want/or are buying for Mother's Day?!?
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