Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I need a vacation...from my family!!!

Only kidding!
So how was your Mother's Day weekend?!?
I was over the moon over the fact that I got a nap on Sunday!
I got some awesome gifts for MD~3 pairs of Nick and Nora pjs, a new mouse (it lights up/changes color!!), PedEgg (which I really,really wanted), $20 (cash is always good), some pj bottoms, panties that look like underwear (not so sure about that?!?), and a tiara to wear for the day (and yes, I did!).
My goal was to pamper myself, but every time I sat down to do something--even something simple like shave my legs or paint my nails--Ben and Harrison called for me. I really think if I ever disappeared, they would just sit in the living room and call my name all day. So the pampering was limited.
We did have a late breakfast date at Krispy Kreme! My eyes were bigger than my stomach because I chose 3 donuts with strawberry milk and could only eat 1 1/2.
Here are some pics of our adventure!
The hot donuts are the best.
I love the paper hats!
Krispy Kreme gave moms carnations. :) What a nice surprise!
I picked this one just for the color!

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