Monday, May 12, 2008

Giveaway!!!!--Giveaway is closed. But keep checking in as there will be a new giveaway every month!!!

I am so proud to be participating in MommyFest 2008!!!
So here is my giveaway~
3 acrylic stamp sets (vacation, girl,boy), a package filled with buttons, ribbon and doo-dads, and a package of 6 ribbon spools. Plus, whatever else little crafty goodies I can fit in the envelope!
Even if you are not into scrapbooking or crafts, you could have fun making something with your children.
So to enter my giveaway tell me (in the comments section) 4 reasons why you love being a mom (or if you are not a mom...why you love being a woman)!! I will use random number generator to pick a winner. Winner will be posted sometime this Friday!!
Good luck and God Bless! :)

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Pin Thoughts said...

Hug and Kisses from my kids are enough reasons to become a mom :-)

Suzie said...

I lovce the little hands and tiny feet

gina said...

Hi! First of all , nice to meet you and I love the title of your blog. :)

So four reasons is easy for me!
Gianna, Brielle, Shaye and Mackenna

and we all scrap and love crafts!! Great giveaway. :)

Juliana RW said...


My name is Juliana and I joined also MommyFest blog party. Nice to meet you.

I hope you come to visit me also at Juliana‘s Site


Picturing of Life said...


nice to meet you in MommyFest blog party :D

Hope meet you in my Picturing of Life blog. See you there...

Chrys said...

This might be the best giveaway yet! I like being a mom because I get homemade Mother's Day gifts:) I get cuddles and adoration on a regular basis. I get to discover that my mom wasn't as dumb as I thought, and I get to be a part of the lives of three of God's amazing children. I hope you have a blast at Mommy Fest! Come check out our scavenger hunt today!


Joy said...

Ooh, how fun! My four reasons I love being a mom:

1). I have an excuse to look frumpy some days!

2). Gazing at my sleeping children, when they're quiet and peaceful

3). Watching my children accomplish things, no matter how small, and seeing the look of pride on their faces!!!

4). Unconditional love and spontaneous hugs and kisses!!! Like if I'm upset and my toddler comes over and says, "It's okay, Mommy. I love you!"

Lisa said...

Mine are 19 and 20 now, so I must tell you Moms with little to enjoy them now, they'll be grown before you know! I love being a Mom because:

1. Kids make my lift complete.
2. The become your friends when they get older.
3. You don't really know love until you have kids.

Sara M. said...

Wow - 4 reasons I love being a mom? This is harder than I originally thought it would be!

1. You're never, ever lonely.
2. You get to buy all the cool toys you never had as a kid.
3. You develop really clear, loud lungs.
4. Your own kids are just so darn cute & wonderful in every way!

I stopped by through MommyFest - check out my blog & enter my giveaway too.

Scrappin in my spare time said...

$ great things?

1 I am always getting hugs and kisses.

2. It makes me appriciate the little things in life.

3. Gives me something to scrap.

4. Makes me feel good watching my children grow into teens and the adults.

Babyfaces4 said...

That's Easy! My four actually FIVE favorite things about being a Mom are:

Angela, Vanessa, Valerie & Vincent, my children and the Fifth is my Grandaughter Jenny.

They make me laugh and happy when I'm sad. They give me hugs and kisses when I need them. (Except for Jenny she gives me the top of her head) LOL! They bring me joy all the time!

They are the reasons I LOVE being a MOM>

Gabby319 said...

Unfortunately, I am not a mom and never will be. However, I do have several nieces and nephews that I scrap for. I love being an aunty--it's the next best thing to being a mother. These items would come in very handy for this. Your blog is great. You did a fantastic job with it. I enjoyed reading it. You are talented beyond belief.

Little Ladybug Designs said...

Hi, It's so nice to meet you. I hope you come visit my blog and don't forget to enter my contest. :-) Happy Blog Partying!

1 . Unlimited Hugs
2. Unlimited Kisses
3. Watching my daughter grow and develop
4. Watching my daughter in her daddy's arms

Niki said...

1. All the hugs and kisses you could ever want!

2. The funny little things they say keep you laughing all day long.

3. Unconditional love to them and from them.

4. The ultimate product of the love you and your hubby share are represented before your very eyes!

wendy said...

I love your blog girl!

OK...four reasons I love being a Mom:

Seeing my kids grow up and to see what they learn from me.
Artwork on the fridge
Finger prints on my windows
"MOMMY" being yelled when I pick them up from daycare

Tanya said...

great title!

My four reasons are:

My kids: Bradley, Teagen, Penelope and Phineas.

Hugs, kisses, countless questions which make me think and endless inspiration to scrapbook.

Thanks for asking the question.

Have a great day!

Wendy - girly whirled said...

Just dropping in from Mommyfest to say hi. You have a great header!

My reasons (at least the first ones that came to mind) are:
1. you get be the one to introduce them to new experiences (and watch their wonder and excitement).
2. you get to experience pure love
3. you have an excuse to be silly
4. watching them develop into who they are as their personality develops and their body grows

Christine said...

Wow! 4 reasons I love being a mom...
My kids are really super cool and it has nothing to do with me!
It is really cool to watch them grow up.
My kids are way smarter than I am!
I love to hear my kids play music, they are so talented!

Karrine said...

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Twinklescrapbooks said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I have read each and every one of them and I am going to go blog surf now! :)
Tina aka twinklescrapbooks
Yes,That's My Child Screaming!! blog owner

Kelley said...

Hello and nice to meet you! great things about being a mom? Hmmm....hugs&kisses...that 'baby smell'....pure joy when they learn someting new or reach a milestone...and there anything more infections than a babbies will cure anything!

Stop by my blog and enter my giveaway...hope to see you again.

Have a good day!

Internet Secrets Investigator said...

Love your blog, thanks for visiting mine.
I love being a mom for the unconditional love a child has to offer.
I love being a mom for the cuddeling.
I love being a mom for the toys.
I love being a mom to honor my great mother.

MiLeTTe said...

wow great giveaways!

1.) being a mom gives me another reason to fight my LUPUS!

2.) it cures the loneliness i feel due to my husband being away because of work

3.) the feeling of contentment and fulfillment is always there

4.) i always see one of God's miracle unfold everyday

thanks for visiting my site!

Katie said...

I love being a mom for really simple reasons : Ben & Roger and all of their hugs and kisses. I really am blessed to be their mommy.

Unycorne said...

It's so great to meet you in the Mommyfest Blog Party!

I hope to see you at my blog also. (I was a little late putting my site in the links, but you can go to The "Official" Heather Quarnstrom Blog.) Don't forget to enter the contests while you're there. :D

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Military Wife said...

Hope you had a happy Mommyfest thanks for stopping by my Blog! Stop by tomorrow for Musical Monday!