Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost Friday...

I see Friday on the horizon. Right now I am watching Jon and Kate plus 8. I have not watched the show in a year or so. The first season it just seemed like they were so unhappily married that it was painful to watch. But I think now that their kiddos are older they seem like the have more time for each other and joke more.
So this is my new mouse. I got it for Mother's Day and I lurve it! It lights up and changes to a new color every second. :) Little things make me happy...
like this~
Coke in a glass bottle. The best.
And here's an update on Angry and her baby kitten~
They are doing fine. In about 4 days the baby should open its eyes. Harrison calls the baby "Glitz-n-glisten". I have no idea where he got the name but three year olds have the best names. Angry's new home is under my scrapbook desk and she keeps the baby cuddled close to her at all times. :) Such a momma.
One more day until random number generator picks my blog winner! See my May 12 post for info if you would like to enter a scrappy/crafty giveaway! :)
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