Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Okay, so last time I left off on a "Woe is me" note. I am still slightly peeved about the window being broken (especially when I had to clean up all the glass), but we were very fortunate we were able to get it fixed on Friday in an hour for $150 (1/2 our original estimate). Life is back to normal. I have been trying really hard these past two days to solve my problems with retail therapy! We did quite a bit of shopping--mainly items for our yard along with a few new toys for H and some scrapbook stuff for me. And dh got new sunglasses.
Here are some of my scrappy finds:
Found $1 chipboard at Dollar Tree! A-Z, some frames and tags were in each box.
There were maybe 6 different sets. It says "mini board book" on the front of the package but is is chipboard letters. Ben stopped the shopping cart and said,"Is that chipboard??" Only a crafter's husband would know. I said, "How did I miss that??"
Big Lots. I found lots of rub ons, ribbon packs, glue dots (I was out), and a tin of felt shapes. All except the glue dots were American Crafts brand.
felt shapes
Rub ons. Each package has over 209 letters, symbols and dingbats.
I also love that they came with they cool rub on tools!
I finally got my ATG adhesive gun refills so life is really good!
We have also been enjoying the weather--86 degrees! I really wished we could have gone swimming today but hopefully by next week we will be in the pool.
Other reasons to be happy? New Office and Earl episodes, I finally finished a novel I was reading (a big mommy accomplishment), and I have plans tomorrow to spend the whole day with my mom.
You know what put me in an even better mood? I got carded!!! I went to buy a lottery ticket for the fun of it and the girl was like, "Do you have your license?"
Her-"Then I can't sell to you."
Me-Shocked and flustered, "But I'm old! I will go to the car and get it."
Her-gives me crazy look
I am 30 so that felt good. Real good!


C. Marie Byars said...

Love the creativity! No wonder you said your mood was "energetic."

wendy said...

I'm heading to Dollar Tree! What fun stuff you find :) I wish we had a Big Lots :(