Thursday, April 17, 2008

So happy together...

Today was a good day. A really good day. My mom saw a specialist and they have decided she does not need a hysterectomy. We are so happy because she has never had any surgery of any kind and I know she does not deal well with pain (neither do I). So your prayers and well wishes worked! :) We celebrated by eating some McDonald french fries! I know that sounds weird but my mom and I have always celebrated by eating french fries. I have not heard yet from Melisa on how Sarah's tonsillectomy went but I will update on that as soon as I know.
I also got good news that my grandmother (my only living grandparent) may be coming in a few weeks from Mexico. This will probably be her last trip. She is 84 so it is hard for her to travel. I cannot wait for her to get here!!!
We have a local train store closing because the owners are retiring so Ben and Harrison are going there tomorrow. I hope they find some goodies.
It rained a little here. Ben and Harrison were playing outside and I was picking up the living room and getting ready to go out when the rain started and our weather alarm went beep, beep... and sure enough the computerized voice said thunderstorm warning until 10pm. Somedays I really feel like a house hostage. I mean we go to indoor places like stores, the library, etc but since it is Spring we really,really want be out in some sunshine. How is weather where you are at??

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