Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scrapbooking Can Kill! (Your Marriage!)

Scrapbook widowers get unglued

Their houses a mess, their wives MIA, some husbands are wondering where it will all end

JULIA MCKINNELL | January 23, 2008 |

Attention husbands: are you tripping over your wife's glue guns, her ribbons and rub-ons? Is your house overrun with half-finished craft projects? Does she steal your tools? Worse, are you babysitting the kids again while she and her girlfriends set sail on a scrapbooking cruise to the Mexican Riviera? You are not alone. Around the globe, husbands are uniting to ask such questions as: what about the mess? What about the money? Where does it end?

Some women spend more per week on scrapbook accessories than they do on groceries, says Calgary entrepreneur and mother of two Allison Orthner. Scrapbooking is not only a multi-billion-dollar industry, says Orthner, who organized last November's first all-Canadian Crop and Cruise, "it's the fastest-growing hobby in North America."

The latest Scrapbooking in America survey finds that one in four homes has a dedicated scrapbooker (most likely female, between the ages of 30 and 50). On Orthner's seven-day Mexican Crop and Cruise, the cruise line provided three rooms, open 24 hours a day for scrapbooking. "There were some diehards who didn't leave the ship," says Orthner. "They scrapbooked the whole time."

In Australia, a husband (under the pseudonym Mr. Grendel) writes a blog called "Scrapbook Widower," a reference to the time he spends babysitting while his wife indulges her obsession. In a typical entry last year, he writes: "Mrs. Grendel is off at one of those scrapbooking and craft fair thingies. This one has been going on for five days, which is just way too long if you ask me. Five days to see Disneyland I can understand, but five days at a craft fair?" Later, Mr. Grendel wonders, "Why does Mrs. Grendel buy so much paper in one go?" More recently, he's found himself pondering the etymology of the word. "Why is it called scrapbooking when all of the materials are bought new?" Mr. Grendel acknowledges that while a name like "High Grade Paper and Expensive Embellishment Archival Decorator Album System" is not as catchy a name as scrapbooking, "I reckon it's a lot more accurate." His solution for how expensive it all is? "Make a lot of money," he advises husbands. "Scrapbooking will still be stupidly expensive but you won't notice as much. How to make 'a lot of money'? Hey, don't expect me to solve ALL your problems."

Orthner's husband, Brad, accompanied his wife on the Crop and Cruise and offers such tips as, "Expect a mess and you won't be disappointed." And "Remember when asked, 'Do you like my new layout?', employ the same rules for 'Do I look fat in this?' "

Bawol, on the other hand, advises husbands to show little interest in her latest layout. "That would only encourage her to do more.She shows me the stuff, and sure it looks nice, but I'll never be able to get my head around spending several hours to make three or four photographs look nice."

Back in Holland, Bubbah has detected a worrisome link between women who scrapbook and women who wear Crocs, and has started an offshoot site called Scrappers with Crocs. Meanwhile, the Scrapbook Widower has launched "a serious investigation into the relationship between scrapbooking and the quality of the sex life of scrapbookers and their partners." Sixty-one per cent of respondents identified with the answer, "Oh God, I can't even remember the last time we had a 'lay down' instead of a 'layout.' "

*Haha! This cracked me up! I have seen some of the guy blogs and showed them to dh before. He always calls himself a scrapbook widower. But he also encourages my habit because he says everyone needs a hobby. I bolded the best part LOL.
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