Wednesday, April 9, 2008

oh hai how about some gossip?

Nicole Richie is said to be furious that Paris Hilton is trying to "copy" her life.

Hilton reportedly wants to follow in her friend's footsteps by having a baby after hooking up with the brother of Richie's fiancé Joel Madden.

Joel and Benji Madden are members of rock band Good Charlotte, whom Hilton is currently accompanying on tour.

A source told Star: "Nicole was already upset when Paris started dating Benji - it all happened too fast for her liking. Then Nicole couldn't go on tour with them because she had to stay home and look after her young daughter Harlow.

"She is furious Paris is out there gallivanting with her boyfriend and his brother. If Paris gets pregnant, Nicole is going to go ballistic. She thinks Paris copies everything she does."

Richie gave birth to her first child with Joel in LA on January 11.
Showbiz - News - Richie 'furious' at Hilton's baby plans - Digital Spy

I love stories of celebrity stalkers. They make you feel a little bit saner by comparison. So you spent three hours googling that guy you have a crush on. At least you didn’t send him six vials of your fingernail clippings. But I’m guessing celebrities don’t get quite the same level of comfort that their stalkers give me. And to be fair, they run the gamut from relatively benign to totally flippin crazy to murderous. On Friday Anderson Cooper filled in for Regis on “Live with Regis & Kelly.” In the opening banter, Anderson mentioned that he was renovating his apartment and had just gotten a call from the contractor. Apparently a woman who has been stalking him for over two years had just shown up at his apartment – with 6 bags in tow. She told the contractor that she was moving in. And was not joking.

Anderson is really generous in his description of the crazy lady. “I don’t know if stalking is the right word exactly… but emailing me aggressively for the last two years.” Talk about diplomacy. Most people would say something like, “Look there is this mentally deranged whack job who’s batshit crazy and stalking me.” The worst thing he said was, “So that was kind of creepy.” He also mentioned that he had no idea what his stalker looks like. Something tells me I should probably spend less time chilling around Columbus Circle hoping to run into Anderson Cooper for the next few weeks.
SOURCE:Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » Anderson Cooper’s stalker shows up at his apartment with 6 bags to move in

Jennifer Lopez wants Tom Cruise to be Godfather {um, okay and why did she name her kids after the DragonTales twins??}

Jennifer Lopez wants to Tom Cruise to be godfather to her newborn twins.
The ‘Jenny From The Block’ singer — who gave birth to son Max and daughter Emme on February 22 — has convinced husband Marc Anthony to give Tom the role despite their differences in religious beliefs. Tom, a devout follower of the mysterious religion of Scientology; Lopez and Anthony Catholic.
A source said: “Tom is delighted. Marc wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to have a Scientologist as the kids’ godfather, especially as he and Jennifer are both Catholic. But in the end Jennifer managed to convince him to agree.”
Tom — who has a 2-year-old daughter, Suri, with wife Katie Holmes — has already showered the twins with gifts.
The actor reportedly spent around $200,000 on designer christening outfits for Max and Emme, ordered a giant fish tank for their nursery and gave them complete Disney DVD box sets.
It has also been claimed Tom and Katie planned to host a star-studded $200,000 ‘Welcome to the World’ themed-party for the fraternal twins.
SOURCE: Showbiz Spy online
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