Friday, April 18, 2008

A little sad...

Ugh. You won't believe what happened to us. Sometimes when our little H refuses to go to bed we go for an evening drive in our town. Usually the car ride does the trick. Tonight I did something out of the ordinary which may have helped me from getting seriously hurt. Sitting in the passenger side I decided to put the seat all the way back and I got a blanket from the back seat to cover myself with while Ben drove. I was just feeling super exhausted myself so I thought I would rest a little during the drive. H took forever to fall asleep but he did and Ben and I smiled at each other as we made our way home. I start to close my eyes and am in a semi-awake state, only opening my eyes to see if we are near our house yet. We are about 1/2 a mile away when suddenly there is a loud noise, smashed glass hurling at me and Ben is driving hurriedly away. I seriously thought we hit a deer (there are deer crossing signs on this particular street) or a cyclist or were in a car accident or something. I jumped up, and Ben asked if I was okay and for me to check on H. He was still contentedly asleep. Ben said, "Where's your cell phone?? I need to call the police!!" and I said it was at home, along with his. I asked what happened and he said, "I have no idea. I think we were shot at when we passed X apartments." I held the blanket up in the window to help stop some of the glass flying at me.
As Ben brakes when we pull into the driveway, the biggest shards fall on me. Glass was collecting all over me--even with the blanket. I double check H (he slept through the whole ordeal). Ben calls the police. It happened at 9:34pm and they left our house by 9:50pm toward the apartments. They filled out a report, surveyed the damage and Ben said he wanted to press charges if they caught who did it. They made their way to patrol the apartments, but no luck. Ben said the culprit had been hiding in the bushes. He did not get a good look. All we know is we heard a bang and glass started flying at us. Ben said he sped up because he thought we were getting shot at.
I was covered in glass so I took a shower. I have small cuts on my arms, hands, and my eyes are irritated. :( But you know what? I would rather it be me than Harrison or Ben. I am so thankful I had the seat back and the blanket on...can you imagine if all that was a direct hit to my face?? So we have to call our insurance tomorrow. We have a deductible so all this is coming out of pocket...about $300 is our estimate after doing a web search. This is so cruddy!!
We don't have any idea if a bottle, rock, bb gun,etc hit us. We could not find anything in the car although it was really dark. We just focused on picking up the large pieces, taping the window with a trash bag (since it has been raining on and off), and tomorrow we worry about a more thorough clean up. This totally depresses me...

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