Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It is nice to have blog friends!

I got a very nice PM from Vidhya~
vidhya said:

Hi, added u in my friend's list. Visited ur blog. Its one cool blog. I couldnt remove my eyes from it. Its really nice. If u wisht just add my blog in ur blogroll Recipes of South Indian cooking.
April 1st 2008

Thank you Vidhya--sometimes I feel no one reads this blog LOL. I am adding your linky to my side bar,too! Happy blogging, girl! :)
P.S. Vidhya has these other blogs as well~
(my personal blog in my mother tongue- tamil)
(Vegetarian recipes which i tried and tasted - in my mother tongue tamil)
(Information and gossips about Hindi and tamil movies.)
(This blog is for my personal recipes which i tried and tasted.)
(My favourite cinema songs)
(short stories and rhymes for kids)


Vidhya said...

Hi Tina, Its so nice of you add my blogs to your link list. As you said, its nice to have lots of friends. Thanks once again

Wendy said...

goofy...of course people read your blog!! I love it :)

Vidhya said...

people not only read but also admire :-)