Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's!!!!

I am not good at pranking so I will just leave it at that. Know any good pranks?? Leave them in the comment section!
(not my pic btw--stock photo--no way would I be out there with my camera!)
So I guess I unknowingly April Fool'ed y'all when I said I would post more and then did not Sunday night. We had tornadoes touch down near here and the sirens went off all night. I fell asleep at the tv.
Then Monday I ended up babysitting. It was good for Harrison--who is still healing--because they played outside (beautiful day) most of the day. It was funny because I blew bubbles most of the time while they popped them. Kids think the smallest things are so cool. :) Loves it!
I kept encouraging the boys to run barefoot because the grass is so green and soft. My husband is proud we are the envy yard in the neighborhood. So I took my shoes off also. Then I started chasing them and sure enough...stepped in a dog mess. You know a true test of love?? When your husband lovingly washes it off for you. I love that guy.Photobucket
So here I am now. 1:46am. Watching Anderson Cooper, drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper, thinking about grabbing an orange (we had a small dinner), while posting.
And don't forget...
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