Monday, March 10, 2008

Lighting Tip

from my friend Rockester:
"No, not the northern lights! The lights in your home are what we want you to examine. Experts suggest good overhead lighting from slightly behind you at you workspace. If that is not possible, try to have lighting spaced 4 feet apart around your work area. I LOVE the new GE REVEAL natural light bulbs. They only cost a tiny bit more than standard bulbs but give a clearer light similar to the famous Ott light (less yellow)but at less price. This gives me the benefit of seeing my colors more truly and lifting my winter-induced moods. :) If you tend to Seasonal affectivness disorder this is a great solution too! They can be purchased at any hardware or discount store. Check your lighting, add some lights, change some bulbs. You'll be glad you did!"

I am so going to put some of those Reveal bulbs in my scraproom! My living room probably needs some,too since the carpet is so dark in it.