Thursday, March 27, 2008

A hard-knock life...

(my baby sleeping...)
Oh, what a day. I called the pediatrician this morning because Harrison's hand was swollen, red and had what appeared to be wounds (which I thought he received from teething by biting his fingers). Then my mother came over and said, "Looks like impetigo." I was like, "aw,heck." So Ben and I take him to the doctor. Nope it is not impetigo, but something worse.
He has a viral skin infection. It is seriously painful. Seriously scary looking. And it just sort of exploded today. Yesterday it just looked like dry skin. So it is on his hands and inside his mouth (spread from chewing on fingers). Ugh.
So while wrapping his hand today (after applying $200 ointment and realizing I already used half the bottle!), he did something so endearing.
He grabbed an Elmo band-aid out of the hall closet, and put it over his gauze bandages while saying, "Mom, my fingers are crying. They hurt. Band-aids make boo boos go away." I thought, if only band-aid fixed everything that easily.
Keep us in your thoughts and pray for fast recovery please!
We had playdates planned for this week with 4 of our friends and had to bail out of them. :( The good news is he should be non-contagious by Sunday. The bad news is the dr. said if he rubs his eyes and it gets in his eyes we have to go to the er and get a surgical opthamologist involved because he could go blind. This is so hard. No one wants to see their child hurt or in pain. I did not even eat today because I was so worried about him!
I am thinking about making a sign like places of employment know the ones that say "accident-free for ___ days?" But ours should say "sick-free for ___days." Like the genius Gilda Radner always said, "It's always something."

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