Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deep Sleep Drama Queen

Sorry this will be a short and boring post. I am drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper while watching Saturday Night Live. I missed the first 30 mins. Anyway, tomorrow is Ben's big birthday bash for his 40th bday. We have both been cleaning the house like mmmaaaaddd. I have not been much help. I went to the dr. yesterday and finally confessed to my insomnia. So of course, I end up with some sleeping pills. The dr. said take 1-2 and you can take these daily before bedtime. So thinking they were really gentle I take 2. They throw me for a loop and I sleep all last night until 7pm today!!! So no, I am not taking anything to help me sleep tonight! Ben is putting in a new toilet and I have been dusting, vacuuming and getting my clean on. Hope you weekend is fun(ner)!!!
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