Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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I was getting Harrison out of the bathtub when I heard my phone go off like crazy. I knew from the ring it was my mom but I figured she was calling frantically just because we did not get a chance to talk the day before and she worries. Ben had told me he had just been to our local post office and it was closed (later we realized it was for Vet's Day), a police car and police helicopter at the bank next to the helicopter. Ben had just come home for a rare lunch break (he had a meeting at administration so he was close by) and his phone started ringing. I told him to answer it while I took care of ds. My mom asked Ben if he knew what was going on and he told her his experience. I called her back right away and she was crying. I could hear my brother Aaron in the background. She said my dad called her, he works at a local university next to my little brother A.T.'s elementary school. He said there were snipers on the building, a helicopter above it and police everywhere. They would not tell him what was going on.
A.T. is in 4th grade, btw. So my mom tried repeatedly to call someone and finally got someone in administration (btw--this is also a different school district than the one my dh works for). They just told her there was a situation and the school was in lockdown and that is all they could say.
Talk about worry!
We were both freaking out--my mom and me. We kept switching channels to see if the news would say something. FINALLY, they broke in saying that there were three armed suspects in or around the school. SCARY. Then 5 minutes later, they say they aren't IN the school but on the loose in our town. About 30 mins, after that they said they had caught a man and a woman (third person is still missing today). They shot out a door of an elderly couple's home, threw them out and barricaded themselves inside. There was great concern they would enter the school.
They would not release the kids until 4pm and my dad got A.T. I called A.T. and he talked to me that he was in the library when they had lockdown. It lasted from early that morning until 4pm. When I (stupidly) asked him if he was scared, I heard muffled crying and he handed the phone to my dad. I felt bad.
A few days before he had asked me to get him Hershey's Kisses the next time I went to the store. I went to Walgreens last night and bought him a few bags of the flavored ones, and took them to him. He did not want to go to school today but my mom felt that he should because she did not want to make him scared or further traumatize him.
I am so thankful to God he is okay. I was so scared when we did not know anything and I know he was scared all day because the kids did not know what was going on.
This reminds me of another incident that happened in the Spring. Harrison and I were outside playing and noticed a police helicopter. I had him come in the house even though he wanted to stay outside. We turned on the news and saw nothing. Then hours later, we saw on the news they had been searching for an armed criminal that had been shooting at police--across the street. They could not find him. They found him days later living in a elderly woman's attic (she did not know--was not harboring him) down the street! It scared me that he could have jumped the fence and came in our backyard or anything at any time.
The world is a scary place. Hug your loved ones tight and thank God for the time you have with them now.