Thursday, November 15, 2007


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I've contracted a rotten cold. :( I know Ben had it first and he warned me he had cooties but I kissed him anyway! LOL Now I have 'em.
Today Harrison and went to playtime. He woke up at 3am!!! this morning. So by the time we went to playtime he was a little fussy. He did really well until it was circle time and then he said, "Mom, can we go home? I'm tired." I totally understood so we waved bye to our pals and headed off.

A pic from our library playdate:
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We did stop at Target on the way home and I was happy they had USB flash drives, 32 MB (I got pink!) for like $2. Then we came home and vegged.
We started to put out a few Christmas decorations (4 tiny metal trees) but I have so much more to do. And I need to plan Thanksgiving dessert! And Harrison's birthday party (it is for family only this year).
Well, I better keep this short and sweet since I feel like I have been hit in the head or something. Friday we have a zoo date with grandma, and I go to an offline scrapbook crop (a crop is when scrapbookers get together and scrapbook/chat/eat) with my friend Melisa. Then Saturday I have another offline crop (trying my hardest to make IRL scrapbook pals) with Tricia. And I have an online weekend crop with ScrapCity. Scrappy-dappy-doo. So I need to get over this cold PRONTO!!!