Thursday, November 8, 2007

Craziness breeds in this household.

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Crazy cat lady here!
It is official. I am a crazy cat lady. We just got Kitson back from the vet and dh came home with a new addition today. Meet Kingston--sitting in his new daddy's lap:
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Kingston was first spotted two weeks ago outside my husband's work place--a local school. We knew he was starving because he was too little to get into the trash dumpsters. He lived near some water processor thing (not sure what it was) to get water. We looked for him every night on our evening drive. We feed local strays and ducks/geese during most of our drives. Yup, we keep dog/cat/duck feed in the car. We tried unsuccessfully to catch him with a net and tuna. We ended up ordering a cat trap (it is a box...not like a bear trap or something!) to catch him. We got it from ebay. Thought it would take 7-10 days to get here. It got here in 3!!! We set it up last night. Ben called this morning and said the tuna around it had been eaten but the trap was empty. He came home with a HUGE grin on his face and his new cat.
So we have two dogs, Kipper, Keely and now two cats, Kitson and Kingston.
We were not sure how the others would react but they have all already bonded. We thought since Kingston had never been around people he would be feisty and scratch or attack a lot but did not happen. He has been in Ben's lap all night, cooing and purring!
Oh, and here is a recent pic of Kipper just in case you have been missing him.
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I know I need to go get a life.
Signing off,
Crazy cat lady
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