Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blog challenged

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I am going to catch up on blog challenges from Wendy at ScrapCity so here is one super long post doing them!
Challenge #1

This week's challenge is to list two famous people you would want to befriend and why.

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Steve Carrell because he would make me laugh and
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Doris Day because I aspired to be like her when I was growing up.
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Challenge #2
Today I would like you blog about things you are proud of...let's hear your accomplishments!!

I am proud of being a Christian,a mom, wife and daughter. Simple. I love my life. I work hard everyday to grow as a person. I have no regrets because I have accomplished many of my life goals.

Challenge #3
Name 10 things that you do EVERYDAY
1.clean my house
2. feed my son
3. hug/kiss my son
4. hug/kiss my dh
5. thank God for giving me a new day
6. pet my pets
7. blog or read blogs
8. make a list of some sort
9. drink water
10. take a picture
Name 9 things that you say everyday
1. Hi
2. Good morning
3. Amen
4. Do you love me?
5. I love you
6. Let's read
7. I'm tired
8. Kipper, Keely, etc go potty
9. How are you?
Name 8 things that you use everyday
1. my camera
2. a spoon
3. a fork
4. a cup
5. a pen
6. keys
7. gum
8. hand sanitizer
Name 7 places you've been to
1. Albuquerque, NM
2. Santa Fe, NM
3. OKC, OK
4. Wichita, KS
5. Dallas, TX
6. Arlington, TX
7. Roswell, NM
Name 6 of your favorite foods.
1. Anything Mexican
2. Apple pockets
3. Chicken enchilada casserole
4. Garlic Chicken
5. Cake
6. Olives and pickles
Name 5 places you'd like to visit
1. Mexico...again
2. France
3. England
4. anywhere tropical
5. New York
Name 4 people who have influced your life
1. God
2. my mom
3. my dad
4. well, my whole family really
Name 3 things you will never do
1. steal
2. pet a tiger
3. get a tattoo (scared of pain)
Name 2 favorite colors
1. pink
2. pink...for reals
Name one thing people don't know about you
1. I am really shy in person

And the final challenge #4
My challenge to you today to get you bloggin' is to post your Christmas list on your blog. This could also include your kids wish list for relatives to see.
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My list~
funny socks
books (any kind--I love to read)
anything scrappy
Ben's list~
a new wallet
some shirts
Harrison's list~
Lucky Ducks (talks about it everyday!!! it is in hiding in my scrap room until Santa comes)
Thomas the train stuff
Bob the Builder stuff
Little Einstein vids or Baby Einstein ones
Shrek 3
Now I am caught up on the blog challenges! Try some of these out yourself!!!