Sunday, November 11, 2007

Attack of the Sunday Blahs

We accidentally slept in this morning. Harrison woke up three times during the night and wanted to play. He crawled into bed with us and when I woke up to find my back hurting I realized it was because he had stuck a toy musical instrument under it! Kids. :) I love 'em.
I got my ScrapCity goodies in the mail yesterday. Anything that is not a bill is good! :)
And Kitson decided today he wanted to be human.
We ate Krispy Kreme for breakfast (junky, I know!). Then we played outside. It is so windy here, Ben got hit in the shoulder with a random cardboard box when we went to Lowe's.
My mom and fam went to their land today. They have 160 acres with cows. I bet they are freezing! I am waiting for my mom to get back so we can go antiquing.
Oh, and Friday night Ben, H and I saw The Bee Movie. Loved it!! (*SPOILER ALERT*) The only weird thing is the bee falling in love with the lady. But the animation was good, voices recognizable and it had some funny Shrek-like jokes. We all liked it.