Wednesday, September 12, 2007

you drive me...crazy!

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Well, not YOU. Just this week has been insane! LOL
Our kitchen is totally sealed off because of the renovations...more like demolitions. We have had workers come in and out of the house (and some even ask to use our toilet--eek--you know I am a germophobe. God bless, Lysol.). I am really so thankful people are here tearing it up because when nothing was happening and the kitchen just sat in its leaky state--that was the worst.
Now we have to eat out all week. Meh.
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Yesterday H and I made those baked cinnamon apples in the crockpot (in the bedroom). He had so much fun dumping the ingredients in it. The only mishap we had was when he dumped sugar on a plate and not in the crockpot. Easily fixable. Then his teacher came over for an hour. She had brought all different types of Cheerios, m and m's, pretzels, raisins, etc and had him make a trail mix so he did lots of "cooking"! LOL Then he did some logic puzzles and color sorting. Fun!
We have no big plans today. The weather outside is crispy and Fall-like so we wil probably play outside most of the day until daddy comes home. Ben is taking Thurs. and Fri. off to work on the kitchen.
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I will be so happy when this is done. Especially if we can swing it in time for H's birthday party (oh, yes a pumpkin party). We are thinking of having cake/ice cream here and then heading to the Orr Farm and paying for everyone. His bday is not until the end of December but if you want a pumpkin party I guess it should be Oct./Nov., huh?
We just got our invite in the mail yesterday from our little friend Miss Sarah. Harrison was so happy when I told him he had a letter he sang the mail song from Blues Clues! Then he held the letter in his hand most of the afternoon. I finally pried it away and had him open it. Yay! An invite! (Can you tell we don't get out much?) It will be a gymnastics party. FUN!