Monday, September 17, 2007

What's up?!?

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We have been working on the kitchen since Thursday...had plumbers, air quality and mold remediators in. Now it is a gutted mess. :(
Ben got in a very minor car accident the other day. He is fine and our family car has a tiny dent. The woman he hit is fine and her car was scratched. :(
We also found out insurance will not cover anything :( but we kinda assumed that (dumb that they won't cover a small, slow leak but if we accidentally flooded the house by leaving the bathwater running they would cover that!!!). We are going to switch companies soon (yes, it is a major company but there are plenty others out there) because the plumber told us his sister had the same prob with the same company!!!
On the upside, my mom may take a new position where she only works 3 hours in the evenings...yay! That would mean more mom time.
Remember our pool collapsed? We bought a bigger one that does not need an air pump.
The plumber was $100 less and mold remediation was $800 less!
And we have each other and we really are blessed--cruddy week and all. :)
My next post will be pics of our kitchen mess and our Fall decorated house!
Gotta go eat now. :)